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Engine Failure Check
Mar 12, 2018

The first thing to do is to ensure that the pure engine oil specified by the Cummins engine is used. Checking for faults generally follows the principle of simplicity. Check if the oil pressure gauge is damaged and the reading is accurate. If there is a problem with the oil pressure gauge, replace the oil pressure gauge. If there is no problem, check the next step. Check the sensitivity of the oil pressure sensor. If the oil pressure reading is not correct, replace the oil pressure sensor. If not, check the next step. Pull out the oil dipstick to check whether the oil level, oil viscosity, and oil quality meet the requirements (Note: This item should be checked frequently). If there is sludge with poor oil quality, dismantle the oil pan and check whether the oil suction pipe is clogged. Oil, replace the oil filter (oil filter should be replaced on time). Check the oil pump suction. If the oil pump suction is not enough, replace the oil pump.