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Generator operation
Mar 13, 2018

Generator operation:

1. After the unit starts, check the parameters of the control box module; oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc.;

2. Under normal circumstances, the speed after the unit starts to directly reach the rated speed; idle speed requirements of the unit, the idle time is generally 3 ~ 5min, idle time is not easy too long, otherwise it may burn out the generator related components;

3. Check the leakage of the oil, water and electrical appliances of the unit;

4. Check the tightness of each joint of the unit to see if there is looseness and severe vibration;

5. Observe whether the various protection and monitoring devices of the unit are normal;

6. When the transfer factor reaches the rated speed, the parameters of the no-load operation are stable, and the power supply is closed.

7. Check whether the control panel parameters are within the allowable range. Check the vibration of the unit again, whether there are three leaks and other faults.

8. Do not overload the unit when it is running.

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