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Generator development history
Mar 13, 2018

In 1832, the Frenchman Bi Kexi invented a hand-cranked DC generator. The principle is to make the magnetic flux change in the coil by rotating the permanent magnet and generate the induced electromotive force in the coil, and output the electromotive force in the form of DC voltage;

In 1866, Siemens in Germany invented a self-excited DC generator;

In 1869, Belgium's Gram made an annular armature and invented the ring-shaped armature generator. This type of generator uses water to rotate the rotor of the generator, and after repeated improvement, the output power of 3.2KW was obtained in 1847.

In 1882, Gordon of the United States produced a two-phase giant generator with an output power of 447 kW, a height of 3 meters and a weight of 22 tons;

In 1896, Tesla's two-phase alternator began operation at the Nyala Power Plant, and 3,750 KW, 5000V AC was delivered to Buffalo, 40 km away;

In 1889, Westinghouse built a power plant in Oregon and in 1892 successfully delivered 15,000 volts to Pittsfield.

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